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As you research the market for your spa, make sure you compare apples to apples. A spa may look like a comparable spa, but you must run through the list of components. Do they have the same kW heater? The same number of jets? The same size and number of pumps? You will find that Stellar Spas either beats the price or offers more for the money!

All Stellar Spas models require 220V hardwire with a 50 amp GFI unless otherwise noted.

St. Tropez (5-6 person) 82"x82"x35"

(large cluster jets are 7 jets in 1)

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St. Tropez Hot Tub Specifications:

  • 375 gallons, 675 lbs dry weight
  • Lucite® acrylic shell with multi-layered hand-rolled fiberglass & non-filled resins*
  • 88 stainless jets
  • Lounge seat
  • Neck jets in lounger and therapy seat
  • Headrest cushions in 3 positions
  • One 6.0 hp heavy duty single-speed pump
  • One 4.0 hp heavy duty two-speed pump
  • Delzone® CD ozone system
  • Diverter valve
  • 9-bulb LED Mood EFX standard
  • Gecko programmable digital topside controls
  • Cascade waterfall with on/off valve
  • 25 sq. ft. filtration system
  • Permawood synthetic zero-maintenance cabinet (see color choices below)
  • High density insulation
  • Insulated thermal cover - 4" to 2" tapered, 2 lb density foam core
  • $5,295 $4,550 (MSRP = $7,595)

Recommended Options:

  • Thicker Cover Upgrade (5" to 3" tapered; recommended for colder regions): $100
  • Stainless Jets Upgrade: $175 Now standard equipment
  • Motion Glow LED Lighting Upgrade (individual LEDs; run just below top rim of shell): $175
  • Cover Lifter: $195
  • Steps: $80
  • Spa Jacket (recommended for colder regions; see photo below): $195
  • Bromine Start-Up Chemical Kit: $65
  • Extra Filters: $35 each


Warranty on this model: 25 years structural; 15 years on the shell; 2 years on parts

Stellar Spas Interior color options:


   Sterling Silver     Midnight Canyon  Summer Sapphire


Slate Gray cabinet:


* The factory uses only the finest raw materials to produce one of the strongest shells in the world backing it with a 25 year structural warranty. Lucite brand's continuous cast acrylic, the best acrylic sheet available, begins the molding process with a selection of high-gloss, marbleized, and textured finishes. This outer spa layer is the most durable, easiest to maintain, and scratch resistant surfaces available.

Backed with multiple layers of hand-rolled fiberglass and non-filled resins, this age-old tedious process is what makes our hot tubs so strong they can actually stand on their own with no framed support. Other companies rely on foam-cavities for additional reinforcement. But it is far better to engineer a solid, thicker shell wall able to sustain thousands of pounds of water and spa users. Although this process is far more costly, the manufacturer can guarantee an exceptionally strong spa shell built for decades of warm water relaxation.


Sterling Silver (old photo; now standard

with stainless jets & upgraded air venturi

& diverter valve levers as with Monaco):


Spa Jacket (Recommended for Colder Regions;            Sterling Silver Side Shot (Monaco):

now in gray or black only) $195:


St. Tropez with Stainless Jets & Motion Glow Lighting (Photo Courtesy of Customer Ron J.):

Optional Motion Glow LED Lighting ($195)                         9-Bulb LED Light Standard:

(Monaco):    VIDEO