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Since 1999

Compare Properly!

As you research the market for your spa, make sure you compare apples to apples. A spa may look like a comparable spa, but you must run through the list of components. Do they have the same kW heater? The same number of jets? The same size and number of pumps? You will find that we we either beat the price or offer more for the money!

Guaranteed Quality!

Nirvana Spas are covered top to bottom with a manufacturer's warranty which includes a 25 year shell, 10 year interior surface, and 5 years parts, 1 year labor.  This is one of the best warranties in the industry!

All spas require 220V hardwire with a 50 amp GFI unless otherwise noted.

Interior Colors

Color selections below are for the Solar Elite Series.  The factory's inventory varies, so call to inquire about currently

available colors.  Color options for the Island Retreat Series are shown on each model's details page.


                 Slate                                            Tranquility


                       Silk                                 Midnight Canyon                                      Cameo


Click here for All Available Lucite Colors 

(Certain colors are subject to availability)

The factory often has new and other colors not shown on the website or Lucite's webpage.  Please contact us to ask about other currently available colors. Truly, there are too many colors to list.  Click here to go to our European wholesale website to see examples of even more available colors.

These sample photos don't do the interior and exterior colors and materials justice.  Click here for real-life photo examples of our spas.

Spa Cabinets

Our spas feature a revolutionary synthetic "wood" product, that is maintenance-free in all our spa enclosures. It is impervious to water, sun and spa chemical degradation, it will not fade, splinter or crack, and because no finishing is required. The colors and textures, which are inspired by nature, remain beautiful for the life of the cabinet.


Cabinet Colors for Solar Elite Series (For Island Retreat Series, refer to details page of each model for cabinet color choices)


             Chocolate                               Grey                               Mahogany                        Whitewash

Cover color options are Grey and Mahogany