Quality Spas at Wholesale Prices

Compare Properly!

As you research the market for your spa, make sure you compare apples to apples. A spa may look like a comparable spa, but you must run through the list of components. Do they have the same kW heater? The same number of jets? The same size and number of pumps? You will find that we we either beat the price or offer more for the money!

All spas require 220V hardwire with a 50 amp GFI unless otherwise noted.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why are Stellar Spas' prices so much lower than showroom dealers?  Is there some component or material used that's comparitively inferior to spas selling for $10K+?

A: The Island Retreat series, our most popular selling line, is manufactured with the same or comparable high quality components and materials found in spas selling in showrooms for $2-5K more.  Stellar Spas' much lower overhead, humble profit margin and mission statement are the key factors.  We proactively strive to provide sincere, fair and Golden Rule inspired customer service.  Therefore, we are not tempted to play off the popular perception that one must pay $9K to $15K to own a top quality hot tub.

Q:  Are there ever any blemished spas or display models available to purchase at a discount and/or quicker lead time?

A:  Being factory direct, all spas are built to order.  Shell production has been optimized and so there are never any blemished shells that continue through production.

Q: Do we really need the thicker cover and winter jacket?

A: Florida and Southern California are the only regions with mild enough winters that the energy savings wouldn't recoop the additional cost within a few winters.  Whether in Texas, Tennessee or Illinois, those two insulation upgrades will have your spa very energy efficient, keeping the utility bill down. The winter jackets are easy to install and remove.  The thicker covers are also stronger, more tolerant to accidental impact and therefore less likely to need replacement in such case.

Q:  Since the spa comes standard with an ozonator, do we need to use chemicals?

A:  A bromine (or chlorine) start-up chemical kit is recommended, as the combination of ozone filtration along with bromine will extend the life of each fill of water.  The average (frequency of use) hottubber might find the water stays clear, non-funky, and fairly odor-free for 3-4 months by keeping a bromine tab in the floater.

Q:  Can we pay extra to have the spa delivered to its final position in our backyard versus curbside delivery?

A:  A few years ago, we did provide backyard delivery at extra cost for those who asked.  However, it's more efficient and will cost less when the customer finds and hires local hot tub movers directly.  Since you'll be best informed as to when your spa will be delivered, giving the hot tub movers a heads up on the delivery time is easiest and most efficient.

Q:  What do we do if something goes wrong with our spa?

A:  Please alway have Stellar Spas be your first point of contact with any questions or issues.  In many cases, we'll resolve it with you directly.  However, there may be situations where it's best or necessary to have the manufacturer troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

Q:  We just filled our spa with fresh water.  Then when turning the pump on, it doesn't flow water through any of that pump's jets.

A:  This can happen every once in a while with any above ground spa.  An easy fix, it's almost certain to be a pocket of air in the plumbing causing an airlock. This causes negative pressure and prevents the pump from starting the flow of water.  Remove the appropriate cabinet panel to gain access to the pumps.  If you have a two-pump model, momentarily turn on each pump to identify which pump has the airlock.  Once the pump is determined, turn it off and loosen the plumbing union right at the pump.  Continue to loosen the union until water starts to leak out from the union.  Turn that pump on and because the loosened union depressurizes the trapped air, water should start flowing through the jets.  Once it does, retighten the plumbing union.