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Compare Properly!

As you research the market for your spa, make sure you compare apples to apples. A spa may look like a comparable spa, but you must run through the list of components. Do they have the same kW heater? The same number of jets? The same size and number of pumps? You will find that we we either beat the price or offer more for the money!

Guaranteed Quality!

Spas are covered top to bottom with a manufacturer's warranty which includes a 5 year shell and 2 year parts, 1 year labor (plumbing, pump(s), heater, filter, surface, etc.) repair or replacement.

All spas require 220V hardwire with a 50 amp GFI unless otherwise noted.

Quality Craftsmanship and Components

Dear Prospective Customer,

Convincing the prospective customer that our spas are the same high caliber of spas of selling for thousands more is a challenge. The popular perception is that "you get what you pay for", meaning that spas selling for less must somehow be inferior in comparison to those selling for substantially more. This is exactly what the majority of spa manufacturers and dealers are counting on, with prices just short of what one can buy a new economy car for.

There are several reasons that other manufacturers are selling their spas of the same caliber at a substantially higher price point, including the aforementioned, more expensive is better ploy. Most manufacturers spend extraordinarily sums of money per year in their marketing campaign. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in manufacturer's advertising campaigns must be factored into their wholesale prices, forcing higher retail prices as a result.  Because we represent a manufacturer that leaves virtually all advertising to us, the dealer, our wholesale prices are far lower, allowing markedly lower retail pricing.

Secondly, because of the fact that our spas are all custom built to order and drop-shipped directly from the factory, our overhead costs are a fraction of showroom dealers. In order to save money, one only needs to have the patience to wait 2-4 weeks for their spa. The advantage is that the customer is able to order a spa with the exact options and color choices they prefer, unlike showroom dealers that can only sell whatever they have in stock.

Cayman Spas are manufactured with the exact same high quality components* used by the vast majority of the big name spa manufacturers:

  • Lucite™ acrylic shells backed with multi-layer fiberglass
  • Gecko™ and ACC™ digital controls and 4.5 kW heaters
  • CMP (Island Retreat) and Sunblaster (Solar Elite) stainless steel jets
  • Del Industries™ ozone purification (discharge capacitor chip type)
  • Zero maintenence synthetic "wood look" cabinets
  • High density foam insulation
  • Lockable, thermal, tapered cover for maximum energy efficiency

We encourage you to do your research, and compare our spas to others in the market. You'll find that our spas are made with all the same high quality components as others, selling for much higher. All this considered, combined with the best warranty the industry offers and World Class customer service leaves one realizing that there is simply no reason to pay $2,000 more on the average for a spa of comparible size, features and quality.


Terry Koss
Stellar Spas

Cayman Spas International

*  The manufacturer may use components of equal or higher quality other than those listed without notice to their dealers.